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This method uses an innovative concept of molecular physics applied to medicine and aesthetics. The technology uses a particular frequency generated by electroacoustic cavitation, which works to breakup the cellulite and fat through the "unpacking" and breaking of the adipocytes that form the fat itself. Compared to traditional methods of liposuction, Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction, provides many advantages to patients as it is designed to work in most superficial of adipose (fat) tissue it is a soft and gentle technique that is respecting the vascular and lymphatic system, and is substantially less traumatic compared to traditional techniques.

Duration of surgery

This procedure takes 2-3 hours depending on the size and complexity.

The complications

The outcome

A Liposuction is a safe and predictable cosmetic surgery procedure, and it will also enhance the appearance of other body contouring procedures, such as Tummy Tuck and Thigh Lift.

Who is the candidate for a Liposuction?

Most patients are in fact good candidates for liposuction and will have a very satisfactory result. However, the quality of the final result depends on the ability of your skin to shrink after the fat has been removed, and in some cases there will be some residual loose skin. If large amounts of loose skin are already present, then liposuction alone will probable not fulfill your needs.

The recovery

Your recovery period and post-operative care will be explained to you in detail during your consultation. The recommendations will be specifically tailored to your individual case and type of surgery carried out. You will be advised about basic steps to take such as taking or avoiding certain medication, sleeping position, driving, exercise or time off work, make up and other procedure-specific care.

Important Notice

Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Lesprit Medical Clinic strongly advises you stop smoking prior to surgery as smoking can greatly impair your ability to heal and increase complication rates. Nutritional supplements, anticoagulant medication and anti-inflammatory drugs, (like Brufen, Voltaren, etc.), or any other blood thinning drug which increases the bleeding should be stopped prior to surgery unless otherwise instructed.

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