At Lesprit Medical Clinic we offer over 100 top cosmetic services to make you feel healthy, beautiful and confident of looking your personal best. Course packages of Prepaid Yearly Treatment, Bridal Packages, Your Birthday Month Special (50% off during the month of your birthday on selected non-physician treatments) and other seasonal courses/packages are available on selected services to show our appreciation on your commitment and give you even more value. We also offer a Dental Welcome Package, Dental Wellness Plan, ‘Refer a Friend’ and Patient-Loyalty Program that allow for more reductions. Please contact our front desk for more details.

As courtesy to your fellow patients, we kindly request you to cancel your appointment as soon as your plans change. Appointments can be cancelled online at, sending whatsup text to 0504559218 or by calling us at: (04)3388238. We thank you for your consideration.

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