Dental Care for Peace of Mind. We have a solution for you, your family and staff! We believe that everyone should receive the quality dental care they need, regardless of whether or not they are covered by insurance. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive program called the Lesprit Dental Wellness Plan with our General […]


Dental care at Lesprit Medical Clinic comprises of comprehensive teeth restoration services including complete design and installation of dental crowns and bridges. We offer the installation of many types of bridges such as removable bridges, porcelain fixed bridges, simple fixed bridges, and others to fit individual needs. Analyzing a bite, molding a bridge, and all […]


Despite improvements in dental care millions of people worldwide loose their teeth every year – mostly due to tooth decay, gum disease or injury. Today dental implants are the most ideal solution for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants replace lost tooth roots and provide a strong foundation for permanent or removable replacement teeth that are […]


Cosmetic Dentists at Lesprit Medical Clinic impressive credentials are enough to be considered as one of the top providers in Smile Enhancement techniques in Dubai. They specialize both in Lumineers and more traditional veneers, whitening and gum redesign and also in Implant Dentistry, Oral Surgery and advanced cosmetic procedures. What is Lumineers and why should […]


Creating A Perfect Smile. Cosmetic dentistry undergoes constant progress in improving perfect smile. Smile makeovers procedures are some of the most sought after cosmetic dentistry treatments and veneers top the list. A veneer is a new generation of custom-made front surface for an imperfect tooth. Made from thin layers of porcelain, bonded to the front […]


A Pain-Free Approach. Although permanent teeth are intended to last forever, sometimes, removing a tooth entirely may be necessary. This is the case when the tooth is too damaged to be able to receive a root canal or crown, or a wisdom tooth that is impacted or malposed. What to expect with tooth extraction? You […]


Saving Natural Teeth. In short, a root canal is performed to help save your natural teeth. When teeth are dying or infection is present, our dentist will skillfully determine the best course of action. It may involve a pain free root canal treatment called Root Canal Therapy. This is a skilled and time-consuming procedure, which […]


A scale and polish is a very common dental procedure also known as dental cleaning, as it removes trapped debris and plaque and cleans your teeth very thoroughly. Scaling and polishing is carried out as part of preventative dental hygiene plan with the aim of keeping your teeth sparkling and healthy. The ‘scaling’ part of […]


Illuminate your smile and give your features instantly rejuvenated look. Whitened teeth lighten up the face and make the lips a focal point giving your features instantly rejuvenated look.  Within just about an hour the natural color of your teeth can be  lightened up to 8 shades, with the starting condition of your enamel determining how […]

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