Aerolase for Skin Health and Beauty

Treatments with Aerolase no touch laser can address a variety of concerns, including skin tightening and rejuvenation, removal of pigmentation/melasma, acne, rosacea, scar revision, wrinkle reduction and increase collagen production and more. 

All skin types, including darker tones, benefit from long-lasting, immediately visible results of skin rejuvenation with Aerolase, Nd:YAG, no touch laser. We’ve got what you’re looking for all in one treatment to restore that clear skin! This aesthetic medical laser makes treatment possible for a full range of aesthetic and medical conditions including:

✔ improved skin texture
✔ help to lighten pigmentation and melasma
✔ minimize appearance of redness and small capillaries
✔ boost in collagen production
✔ improves acne scars.

When the efficacy of your skin care is limited or when you suffer from side effects of oral therapy, you can now turn to Aerolase Neo Elite gentle technology for the treatment of acne approved by the FDA. The major advantage of this technology is that there is no need to cool the skin and the hand piece does not touch the sensitive skin, so even the youngest or most pain-sensitive patients can easily tolerate the treatments. The Neo also provides most hygienic and pleasant treatment available. Neo treatments can further improve acne scars as laser energy stimulate the collagen in the dermis improving tone of the skin and smoothness its texture.

Using high levels of laser energy with very short pulse duration of 0.65nm, delivering exceptionally gentle treatment as it confines the heat within the small vessels surrounding the sebaceous glands where acne bacteria thrive. This rapid heating action effectively destroys acne bacteria, which results in significant clearance of acne in 2-4 treatments.

Improving appearance of the face and neck with an easy, no downtime Aerolase Lightpod Neo micro-pulse YAG laser is a gentle yet highly effective treatment that works deep within the skin. As one of the most diverse and pain-free laser rejuvenation treatments offered at our clinic, it can be customized to treat all skin types and deeply heat skin to improve skin radiance , remodel collagen, tighten skin and decrease pigmentation and melasma caused by sun exposure, contraceptives and pregnancy.

Post pregnancy stretch marks.

Treating these unsightly marks of pregnancy is now possible with erbium laser technology using innovative Aerolase Era. Applies also to skin affected by weight gain/loss skin changes anywhere on the body. Visit us to find out how we can precisely renew the layers of the skin to effectively erase imperfections including uneven skin tone, texture, and stretch marks.

Aerolase no touch laser skin rejuvenation treatments can improve all kinds of discoloration including sun damage and melasma. Call us for more details and appointment to help repair sun damage and reveal clear, smooth skin in comfort and with minimal downtime.

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