Well the simple answer is, that in most cases there isn’t just one. Just like the skin of the face – it may be fine on the cheeks but dry on forehead, or feel dry on the sides but oily in the center, etc. So the same person may actually need different cleansers in a course of a single day. 

In the morning we only remove what skin oozes overnight – hopefully just an average amount of cellular waste. And if you really want to look at the scavengers that invade our skin, that is plenty. So don’t ever believe you don’t need to wash your skin in the morning!  

In the evening on the other hand, makeup, environmental factors like pollution, air-conditioning and food and drink we consume, all can create havoc with our skin. Not to mention the emotional stress caused by flashes of excitement, anger or fear our skins endure in a course of a day. No wonder we obsess about skin! It needs all the care it can get, and it starts with a cleanser.

Dermacel dermatologist-developed and clinically-tested skin cleanser is free from solvents, foaming agents, preservatives such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, triclosan or plastic microbeads and nanoparticles, each ingredient known for its problematic side effects which range from skin irritation to possible cancer. There are too many ingredients that have proven to be harmful to the skin, still present in popular, high street brands, so it takes a savvy inquisitive person to really dig into what’s good for their precious skins.

Our clients simply love the texture and gentleness of Dermacel Lavender Creamy Cleanser formula. We like to recommend it to anyone who feels very highly of his or her skin. Why? It’s not only gentle and soft on the skin – it’s smart and good for the skin. Often times the question isn’t why to use it, but why NOT to use a certain product. 

We enjoy encountering in our clinic, smart, knowledgeable clients who ask thousand questions about skin care. If we don’t have every answer at the time, we will surely look for one until we find it. Even with our years of experience we cant’ stop learning!

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