Skin Meets Oxygen

Introducing innovative anti-aging treatment using highly concentrated oxygen and anion therapy. Oxygen and ion-making procedure uses 90% pure enriched oxygen helping to improve skin respiration, cell activity and regeneration thus, rejuvenating the skin and achieving anti-aging effect.

What is Anti-Pollution Facial?
These innovative, 4 steps prescriptive ‘vitamins from air’ facials help to infuse pure oxygen into the skin and body. Anions enriched, 90% pure oxygen draws out skins impurities and pollutants having strengthening and desensitizing effects on the skin. Especially recommended for their calming and anti redness benefits. Soothing botanicals, including Arnica flower serum is delivered onto the skin via oxygenating mist to bring out skin vitality and glow.

Why Anti-Pollution Facial?
Providing more lasting results, greater comfort and a solution for dry, sensitive and devitalized skins,  the therapeutic effect of the facial has been shown to reverse typical signs of skin fatigue and aging as as well as listed below benefits.

The Benefits of Anti-Pollution Facial

  • Reduces Reactive Oxygen
  • Draws pollutants from the skin
  • Regenerates damaged, sluggish cells
  • Boosts skin immunity
  • Improves problem skins
  • Rejuvenates tired, devitalized skins

What to expect after the treatment?
Following  treatment, patients  commonly  report  remarkable  soothing, moisturizing  and relaxation effect. It  is  particularly  beneficial  for sensitive  skin  recovering  from  laser and  microneedling procedures.

What makes Anti-Pollution Facial stand out from other oxygen treatments?   
By providing both 90% pure oxygen and anion therapy, the treatment can help reduce reactive oxygen effect and boost cell revitalization, achieving rejuvenating and anti-aging effect. 

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