Fractional Micro-needling RF and Ultrasound.

Divine is an advanced aesthetic skin treatment offering an effective solution for a wide variety of skin preventative and corrective needs. Safe and effective for overall skin tightening, skin volume enhancement along with improvement of skin texture, tightening and diminished appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scars can be achieved with Devine Treatments.

Two proven technologies-Divine micro-needle RF and Ultrasound all-in one system enable renewal of both the mid-dermis and the epidermis. Results are visible, with tighter face, neck, lip and eye areas that give an overall younger look.

Divine Treatment  Benefits:

  • Skin Tightening
  • Pore Reduction
  • Skin Firming
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Skin Textural Improvement

THE SCIENCE OF DIVINE  – Stimulating natural skin renewal

First ActionMicroneedling facilitates smooth and painless penetration of micro pins to target the dermis

Second Action Fractional Radiofrequency selectively ablates the target area, creating micro-wounds in the dermis and triggering the wound-healing effect.

Third Action – Ultrasound waves penetrate deep below the surface of the skin. The vibrations increase the skin absorption of the active nutrients resulting in an increased circulation and regeneration. The process is safe for all skin types, painless and gentle; and can be used on sensitive skin conditions (i.e. rosacea).


Procedure Time:  -40-60 minutes (estimated).

Risk of Complications:  Some redness, skin irritation, puffiness.

Back to Work: Immediate, however some redness may need to be concealed with mineral make up if necessary .

Male or Female: Suitable for both.

Results: Long Lasting.

Number of Treatments:  2-6 depending on indication.

Anesthetic:  Generally not required (optional).

For more information on your treatment options, or if you would like to schedule a consultation at our clinic, please contact us at lesprit.clinic@gmail.com or call (04) 3388238

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