V-LIFT – Treatment that builds collagen!

Are you are afraid of Ultherapy? V-LIFT treatment is using a new generation of area focused ultrasound innovative technology that can reach into a SMAS layer to smoothen, lift and tighten sunken cheeks and droopy jowls to define facial contours for improved and more youthful appearance.

Unlike other HIFU treatments including Ultherapy, the V-Lift advanced treatment is comfortable and delivers immediate lifting results with over time collagen regeneration of skin’s deeper layers.

As we age not only do we have less collagen but the collagen that remains becomes more slackened causing the skin to loose strength and start to sag.  For saggy, droopy skin the Gold Standard nonsurgical solution is HIFU based treatment. V-LIFT builds collagen, which helps to tighten and lift the skin overtime.

Aging Process of the Face

During the aging process of the face the malar fat pad along the “cheekbone” segment of the face drops lower which results in deepening of the nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds) . This further can drop the contours of the facial fat lower giving the face elongated look, give uneven contouring and forming irregular side lines (jowls).

The process of non-surgical facial lift

Collagen is the main structural protein for maintaining a youthful look. Instant lifting effect by SMAS contraction helps to combat gravity and increased malar fat drop. After V-LIFT treatment nasolabial folds are less pronounced and the facial contours are more lifted, even and smooth.

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