Dermal Fillers Lip Enhancement/Augmentation is the most popular treatment for more sensuous and fuller looking lips. It is also the top choice for reducing the wrinkles around the mouth and giving a younger looking appearance that can be achieved in a very short time that lasts 12-18 months.
Deep dermal hydration using injectable products other than define the size and shape can also improve delicate lip skin quality, help replenish hyaluronic acid to make lips soft, smooth and hydrated, providing environmental protection to 👄👄👄 and as an extra care to often this neglected area.

By injecting soft lip filler, the plastic surgeon at Lesprit Medical Clinic can help to define Cupid bow, plump and evenly contour the upper and lower lips. This instant augmentation can improve proportions and bring beautiful balance to the upper/lower lip ratio. Furthermore, right adjustment of the lower lip can help to correct asymmetry of the lower/upper lip and improved the overall beauty of the smile.

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