Re-boost your skin with MIRApeel

The newest skin resurfacing  Mirapeel treatment fuses two unique technologies – serum exfoliation and serum microneedling – into a single treatment. The Mirapeel not only exfoliates the skin but also infuses it with anti-aging actives and improves the overall health of the skin. The vitamins and antioxidants that penetrate the skin during the Mirapeel treatment work to give dewy, glowing and healthy-looking skin while minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne and brown spots.  Mirapeel is safe for all skin types and can be combined with other cosmetic treatments. Here’s how it works:

MIRApeel Treatment Steps

Step 1
First few minutes, the top, outermost layers of skin are gently and safely exfoliated layer by layer with a specially designed head that can be dialed up or down depending on how effective the treatment needs to be. At the same time, skin is infused with the brand’s proprietary serums. By removing dead surface skin, skin is prepped to better receive what’s to come in step two.

Step 2
Tiny, hair-like sized needles are rolled across the skin with a flow of serums. This is ‘wet micro-infusion,’ which is essentially microneedling with the addition of a serum component. The tiny needles are gently gliding over skin infusing the serums while firmly “adhering” to skin thanks to the gentle power of vacuum. The serum infusion using gentle microneedles is the major point of distinction of Mirapeel.

Step 3
Multiple LED lights are used on the skin to allow it to sooth and regenerate, followed by a calming bio-cellulose face and décolleté mask.

How often should I have Mirapeel?

Consultation will determine the right treatment plan. Depending on the concern, a monthly, bi-weekly or course of four to six bi-weekly sessions followed by quarterly maintenance can be recommended to see maximum results.

How will I look after MIRApeel ?

There’s an immediate ‘MiraWOW’ effect—that’s what we call it. There’s also no blood and no pain with the procedure. Skin will be glowing and refreshed and can boast a beautiful new appearance directly after the treatment.

Who is the best Mirapeel candidate?

Ideal for correcting pretty much anything from dry skin and age spots to acne scars and textural issues, and even premature aging, Mirapeel, which was developed in Germany and has a huge following in Europe and the US, is quickly making its mark at Lesprit Medical Clinic in Dubai.

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