The New Technology For Reducing The Waistline.

ReduStim is a full body non-invasive fat reducing treatment for the reduction of excess abdominal fat in particular. ReduStim combines the use of low-frequency magnetic field, which liquefies the fat cells and micro-pressure massage, which eliminates them naturally. It is using a special body suit able to cover a large part of your body (from the feet up to the chest) that is suitable for all types of frames, even obese.

About ReduStim:

  • Effortless & non-invasive method
  • Suitable for all body sizes
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Under supervision of a physician

ReduStim Benefits:

  • Promotes reduction in body fat
  • Reduction of abdominal fat
  • Drop in body size
  • An improved skin appearance
  • A clear sensation of relaxation



The method is entirely pain-free and efficient. It works for everyone, because it acts directly on fat cells. ReduStim drainage protocol is recommended for body contouring, as well as patients with strong obesity and with difficulty to produce a physical effort.


You will be asked to simply lay down on the treatment couch on top of the Redustim wrap, wearing loose fitted garment or your own gym attire. Your body will be wrapped in over-sized Redustim treatment suit to the chest level . Once the technician sets treatment on you will feel that the suit gradually inflates gently enveloping your body. There is no sensation from the electromagnetic field produced by the treatment but the lymphatic massage part of treatment produces sequined pressure movements up and down the body throughout the treatment. There is no sweat nor need for a shower following the session, which lasts 30 minutes and is pleasantly relaxing.


A minimum of 12 sessions is recommended in the form of express or traditional treatment. Depending on each person’s slimming goals, the treatment can be continued with supplementary sessions. After the starter treatment, 1 to 2 maintenance sessions per month are recommended to keep up the results.

For more information on your treatment options, or if you would like to schedule a consultation at our clinic, please contact us at or call (04) 3388238

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