When the hard to reach area such as back is of concern, we offer a specially devised Back Facial to address this area separately. A Back Facial is intended to address individual concerns such as pore refinement and enhancing softness and texture of the skin of the back providing deep cleaning, exfoliation and hydration that will leave skin feeling soft and refreshed.

The Back Facial generally follows similar steps of Hydrafacial: Serum cleanse is followed with serum exfoliation to remove dead cells, unclogging the pores and extraction of impurities at the deeper surface of the skin, followed with infusion of antioxidant serums. The Back Facial concludes with a therapeutic mask and light therapy; a relaxing neck, back, and shoulder massage may be included if desired.

In some cases the use of equipment and prescription ingredients may be included in a back treatment. Furthermore, it may be beneficial to include a resurfacing chemical peel or laser treatment to attain desired results.

The general recommendation to have a professional back cleanse treatment is about three to four weeks apart. That’s how long it takes the skin to turn over through the full life cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation.

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