EMS – The 20-Minute Treatment To Burn Fat, Tone Muscles & Reduce Cellulite.

Easy Motion Skin (EMS) Benefits:
  • Tone Flabby Arms
  • Uplift Sagging Buttocks
  • Reduce Abdominal Fat
  • Anti-Cellulite Treatment
Easy Motion Skin (EMS)

Using a completely novel approach developed in Germany, Easy Motion Skin uses wireless electrical muscle stimulation as an efficient and fast method of treatments for weight loss, fat reduction, muscle toning and anti-cellulite. The 20-minute treatment  works to help to tone flabby arms , uplift sagging  areas such as buttocks or upper arms, reduce abdominal fat and cellulite .

This innovative and advanced approach involving 90% of body muscles can be also used as relaxation and pain therapy. Using specially provided body suit, treatment respects modesty concerns. Sessions are provided in a private setting and under physician’s supervision when necessary.

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