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Widely used as means of instant cosmetic enhancement, dermal fillers give you great rejuvenating and lifting results by artful application of injectable substances that have been developed to restore lost facial volume and definition.


Procedure using dermal fillers is known as soft tissue augmentation benefits aim to:

  • Fill out lines, furrows, folds and wrinkles of the face
  • Augment and Restore lost volume of cheeks
  • Increase chin definition
  • Plump the appearance of the lips making them fuller and more defined
  • Provide a lifted and freshened appearance
  • Fill in acne scars


Many of the specific treatments are considered safe procedures with little to no side effects. All dermal fillers administered in Lesprit Medical Clinic are FDA and relevant local authorities approved. Each one of these dermal fillers has different benefits, and we can help you to decide which one will provide the most appropriate results for you. Types of fillers commonly used are:

Temporary fillers: Hyaluronic Acid, marketed as Restylane, Juvederm and Perlane
Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring protein found in human skin and is the most commonly used component as soft tissue filler. There is no risk of allergic reaction since it is a natural substance, and the body harmlessly reabsorbs hyaluronic acid fillers. However, it gives long-lasting results because as some of the hyaluronic acid is absorbed, the remaining amount retains its volume by binding water. This allows hyaluronic acid to give long-lasting results, ranging from four to six months that remain nearly constant for the entire period.

Long- lasting collagen stimulating fillers marketed as Radiesse and Sculptra.
Radiesse is dermal filler composed of a synthetic substance called calcium hydroxyapatite whose effect lasts slightly longer than the hyaluronic acid fillers (approximately 12 months). It can be used in a similar fashion to the hyaluronic acid fillers although it is not suitable for the lips.
Sculptra is a biocompatible synthetic material that, when injected under the surface of the skin, can correct the effects of loss of facial fat and volume. The main chemical in Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid. This has been used for many years in medical procedures including use as a suture material. As the body gradually eliminates the filler’s particles, the fibroblasts collect around the particles and stimulate collagen production. The Sculptra particles therefore stimulate production of the body's own natural collagen which helps restore lost volume. Several sessions are required and the results last 1-2 years after a series of treatments.


Common side effect of injectable fillers is swelling at the injection sites, which can last 1-3 days, and is not something that everyone experiences. You may be aware of the filler at first, but this will pass quickly. As soon as the swelling goes down, the results of your treatment will be apparent. Your wrinkles, folds, and hollows will be significantly reduced. They may even be erased.


Treatments need to be repeated approximately two to three times a year to maintain the effect. After the initial treatment it may be necessary for you to have a second top-up treatment to achieve the desired results. The time the product lasts in the skin depends on a number of factors such as type of filler used, the area treated and your own skin condition.

At Lesprit Medical Clinic only qualified reputable licensed specialist dermatologist, who is up to speed on what is approved by the medical governing body to inject and has the proper technique on how to do so, will treat you. Injections are performed using only the leading branded products.

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