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Lesprit Medical Clinic provides laser hair reduction treatments since 1997. We break down the various hair and skin types that each type of laser can treat, so a customized mix-and-match approach is taken to give each patient suitable treatment. Our licensed laser professionals have extensive experience using a variety of up-to-date laser technology, so they can recommend the most appropriate treatment.


Laser hair reduction works by destroying the hair follicles using heat. Light energy of a specific wavelength is applied to the skin and absorbed by the hair pigment called melanin, without causing damage to the surrounding skin. This causes the pigment to heat up, which damages both the hair shaft and the follicle, disrupting its growth and causing the hair to fall out. Any hair that does grow back will be thinner.


It’s possible to remove any type of pigmented hair using laser although the darker hair generally responds to laser treatment far better than lighter hair. Grey or white hair has no pigment and cannot be removed using laser. Electrolysis, the permanent alternative that treats all hair types including grey and white, is available at Lesprit Medical Clinic.


Preparing for laser treatment may differ depending on the type of laser used. With certain types of laser, to increase the effectiveness of your treatment, you may have to shave or trim the hair on the day of each session. With other varieties of laser, shaving isn’t necessary but a few days may be required for the hair to fall out. However, you should not pluck, wax or bleach the hair, as this will not leave enough pigmented hair for the laser to work on.


Before your procedure starts, the treatment area will be checked and outlined. A cooling machine may be used during the treatment to reduce any discomfort. The treatment is generally well tolerated, but you may feel a moderate level of discomfort or stinging as the hair follicles are heated and destroyed. You may not see the effects immediately and your hair may appear to be re-growing after the treatment, as the epidermis is gradually pushing the dead hairs out. With some lasers the hair will not need to be shaved and post-laser will appear bleached and remain in the skin until it falls out within several days post-treatment.


Treatment sessions vary in length depending on the size and location of the area that is being treated. Upper lip treatment may take as little as five minutes, larger areas as underarms or bikini may take about 15-20 minutes. Since treatment only affects hair in the growth phase, several sessions will be needed. Treatments are recommended every four to six weeks, with a course of possibly four to ten sessions required. Nonetheless, you may see significant results from the first session.


Side effects are rare. Generally your skin may initially redden and you may feel a slight burning sensation, but this will pass quickly within a few hours or a day or two at most. In rare cases, the treated skin may appear darker (hyperpigmentation) or lighter (hypopigmentation), or you may get mild blistering, however the risk of scarring is low.

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