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Thread Lift

Thread Lift

Thread Lift is an effective lifting and regenerating method based on implanting of multiple mini-threads using tiny needles adapted to each treatment area, creating an immediate lifting effect. The procedure is suitable for both men and women and can be customized based upon individually desired result. Treatment areas include sagging and asymmetric eyebrows, sagging cheeks, drooping soft tissues of the mid and lower face and sagging jowls and neck area.


Threads are an absorbable, single strand sterile thread for lifting the sagging contours not visible even under the fair or thin skin. (Polypropylene is an extremely safe material used in heart surgery for enhancing cell cohesion).

The procedure provides an immediate lifting effect while favouring natural collagen production and rejuvenation, bringing vitality, elasticity and brighter skin tone. There is no recovery period and you can return to daily routine immediately, even applying make up.

It is not uncommon to have a thread lift combined with wrinkle injection to reduce facial muscle activity, dermal fillers to enhance volume or peels and laser therapy to improve skin texture. Chin augmentation and liposuction of the neck are some of the other procedures that can be done in conjunction with a thread lift.

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