Your birthday month is your lucky month! Birthday is a very special day for everyone. We too want to make a little something to make your birthday feel special. Throughout the month of your birthday enjoy 50% off on selected treatments performed by our aestheticians! There is no limit on number of treatments you can […]


Anti-aging Plumper. Cranberry-flavored protective and rejuvenating balm provides immediate and long-term lip plumping and coats lips with the strongest antioxidant available. Infuses in Vitamin B and firming peptides and protects lip skin from harmful environmental toxins that cause lip thinning, wrinkling and loss of color. Benefits A healthy, antioxidant and vitamin infused lip plumper. Provides […]


For those who don’t necessarily love fillers or Botox, targeted facials can be the answer to smooth, youthful skin. Lesprit signature Frequency Facial can make a difference in everyone’s skin—it makes it tighter! Why consider facial skin tightening? Loose, sagging skin that begins to occur around eyes, midface and the jowls are just some of […]


When it comes to radiance, good skin routine, regular facials and healthy environment far outweigh skin’s genetics. Lasting natural radiance is absolutely achievable with Lesprit signature Radiance Facial. Radiance Facial – how it’s done. Step # 1. Radiant skin care starts with exfoliation. Our triple exfoliation with professional-use formulas and techniques helps to pursue the […]


When the hard to reach area such as back is of concern, we offer a specially devised Back Facial to address this area separately. A Back Facial is intended to address individual concerns such as pore refinement and enhancing softness and texture of the skin of the back providing deep cleaning, exfoliation and hydration that will […]


Enjoy natural way to take years off your face and look your best. Face Gym with NeurotriS is a breakthrough in non-invasive skin rejuvenation technology, which combines low-frequency vibrational therapy with use of nutrients and serums. Truly setting the standard in “seeing is believing”, this new technology works to lift and tone the face and […]


The Secret To Better Skin In 30 Minutes. Carbon Laser Peel, also known as the Black Magic Facial or ‘laser lunchtime peel’ quickly treats a variety of skin imperfections without downtime. It takes about 15micron layer of skin off, leaving an amazing glow with a vibrant, youthful complexion. Celebrities in Hollywood favor this treatment just […]


Fractional Micro-needling RF and Ultrasound. Divine is an advanced aesthetic skin treatment offering an effective solution for a wide variety of skin preventative and corrective needs. Safe and effective for overall skin tightening, skin volume enhancement along with improvement of skin texture, tightening and diminished appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scars can be […]

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