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Dental Check Up

Dental Check Up

Dental Check up is the initial procedure every patient will receive on the first visit at our clinic. The entire oral cavity (teeth and gums) is assessed and the findings are explained and discussed. Our high-tech dental exam consists of a comprehensive oral examination meticulously carried out by our dentist using the latest diagnostic modalities. Dental check up technology includes the use of digital radiography that produces a series of digital X-Rays pictures that do not require developing, and are immediately viewable on video screens so that both you and doctor can see them and discuss them together. They are then storable on computer files for future reference, and may also be printed out. It is worth noting that digital radiography use up to 90 % less radiation than conventional X-Rays.

Dental Check up also includes examination that uses an intra-oral video camera, which can be viewed in color on high-resolution video screens by you and doctor at the same time. These video exams are also recorded for future reference. A comprehensive treatment plan is then devised in close communication with you. Dental Check up is a vital part of preventive dental care as it helps to identify any possible problems at the early stage.

Motivational Recall Program (loyalty and compliance program)

After your Dental Check up is completed, our dentist will inform you about our special program which we have devised in order to guarantee the stability of our treatment results. Upon entering Motivational recall program, you will be automatically notified a short time before your periodic examination (every 6 months) is due and will receive special rates for any necessary or elective procedure.

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