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Welcome to Cosmetic Dentistry @ Lesprit

Cosmetic Dentistry at Lesprit

We mark our celebratory 25th anniversary of service to aesthetic community of Dubai with the addition of Cosmetic Dentistry @ Lesprit offering premium quality cosmetic dental services using advanced dental techniques and technology.

Making you look and feel your best is what we are passionate about. At times, like with the skin and body matters, little help may be needed to smile with full confidence. Stained, crooked or chipped teeth can be a source of embarrassment. Cosmetic dentistry offers quick and easy procedures to restore radiant smile, help banish discomfort and restore confidence. Cosmetic enhancement is what we do and we see the changes it brings every day, giving great smiles all around.

We can offer a wide range of Cosmetic Dentistry services including teeth whitening and smile makeover treatments such as Hollywood Smile and Digital Smile Design including Veneers, 
Zircon Crowns, Teeth Lenses, Composite Veneer, Snap on Smile, Smile Once Needed, Crowns and Bridges and Dental Implants. We further offer dental surgery treatments such as Root Canal Therapy and Tooth Extractions and Preventative Dentistry treatments such as Scaling and Polishing as well as Pediatric Dentistry to name but a few. Encompassing a wide range of dental treatments under one roof, Cosmetic Dentistry @ Lesprit apply only the most advanced techniques and methods, using the best quality of materials available, with the ultimate goal in mind: the health and beauty of your smile.

We adhere to strict sterilization methods and follow diligently all regulatory requirements to ensure absolute dental practice compliance. We believe that visiting your dentist should be a pleasant experience. We put every emphasis on making you comfortable and pain-free throughout the entire experience. In addition, the spacious, warm and welcoming ambience surrounds you from the moment you walk through our door to ensure your comfort and wellbeing.

Our Dental Services include:

Preventive Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Other Procedures

Laser Gum Whitening
Root Canal Therapy
Tooth Extractions
Paediatric Dentistry

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